Titus Launches eLearning Website

Texas Air Products

The Titus University e-Learning website http://www.titus-elearning.com makes continuation education easy and on your own terms. It allows any industry professional to learn at their own pace while earning PDH credits along the way (Please note, requirements for credits vary by state).

The courses are prerecorded and the video segments range from 3-7 minutes in length. All you need to do to begin is go through the registration process. Once completed, simply select and watch a webinar for one the subject areas already loaded on the site and you are on your way to learning more about HVAC. If you require additional time to watch because something comes up, stop watching and when you come back the video begins exactly where you left off.

The Titus Course Catalog has a wide array of subject matter to choose from. Have an interest in Healthcare/Critical Environments or Terminal Units; Titus has the course for you. Do you need a refresher in Basic HVAC Design or Underfloor Air Distribution; those courses are loaded as well.

New classes are always in development and Titus hopes to double the course selection by the end of 2017 with fresh new content. One of the best features about the eLearning Website is that it applies to all industry professionals. It was designed as an enhanced learning tool for all to use and benefit from; length of service or experience in the HVAC industry isn’t a factor. The website has information designed to teach and inform as if you were sitting in a consulting engineering seminar session.

To check for understanding, there are 10 question quizzes to assist in reinforcing what was presented. During the quiz, if an incorrect response is noted the system will display the video slide in which the correct reply was discussed and request the user to retake the quiz.

We live in a 24/7 world and the eLearning Website is the 24/7 solution for HVAC training exactly how you need it, On Your Own Terms! Learn what you need, when you need and let us partner with you through the process.