Weslaco ISD approves $1.7 million air filtration purchase

Texas Air Products

WESLACO — Trustees of the Weslaco Independent School District approved the purchase of over a million-and-a-half dollars worth of air filtration units meant to provide an extra barrier against COVID-19 transmission.

The 1,100 high-efficiency particulate air filtration units the district bought cost $1,590 a piece, making the overall cost of the units $1.749 million.

“These units will provide an extra blanket of safety for our students and staff,” Executive Director of Facilities/Athletics Oscar Riojas wrote in a statement from the district. “We are combating the COVID-19 virus right now, but this will help with the flu season and allergies, with anything and everything that is aerosolized.”

The units, purchased from Texas Air Products of McAllen Texas, are scheduled to be delivered in four installments from April to July.

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