Mechanical Manufacturers

Texas Air Products is proud to represent the best in-class manufacturers offering a total HVAC package, providing our valued customers with a full service one stop shop.

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Hydronic Accessories, Valves, Suction Diffusers, & Tanks

Blue Duct Underground Duckwork, Pal Duct Preinsulated Indoor/Outdoor Ductwork

High Efficiency Gas Fired Heaters, Make-up Air Handling Units, Infrared Heaters

Commerical/ Industrial Air Filtration Products, HEPA Filters, Housings, Bag-In/ Bag-Out Filter Containment

Kitchen Hoods, Make-up Air Units and Pollution Control Units

Electrode, Resistive and Gas-fired Steam Humidifiers, Steam Distributors and Adiabatic Humidifiers, Controllers, Sensors and Protection Devices

Air and Water Cooled Chillers, Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, Water Source Heat Pumps, Unit Ventilators, Rooftop Units

Modular Chillers, Heat Pumps, Heat Recovery, Dedicated Outside Air Units

Exhaust & Supply Fans, Commerical/ Industrial Blowers, Lab Hood Exhaust Fans, Energy Recovery Units

Modular Chillers, Heat Pumps, Heat Recovery, Dedicated Outside Air Units

Custom Air Handlers & Fan Matrix (Fan Array) Air Handler Systems

Denlar Residential Style Kitchen Hood with Built-In Fire Protection System

UL Listed Duct Sealants & Liner Adhesives

DuctSox® air dispersion products are an innovative and cost effective fabric alternative to traditional metal ductwork providing precise and efficient heating, cooling, or ventilating for virtually any building application.

Modular Chiller & Boiler Plants, Pumping Equipment Skids, Heat Transfer Systems, Packaged Air-Cooled Chiller Systems

Sheet Metal Fittings, Access Doors, & Acoustical Flex Duct

Motor Starters & Variable Frequency Drives

Cable Hanger Systems for Equipment, Ductwork, Piping, and Electrical Building Services, Seismic Hangers

High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) Fans

Vibration Isolation, Expansion Joints & Flexible Connectors

“No Chase” Grease Duct, Boiler Flue & Generator Exhaust Pipe

Rototwist Cable Operated Dampers, Roto Twist

Gas Heating Products, Make-up Air Handling Units

Vehicle & Welding Exhaust Systems, Dust Collection Systems

Hydronic boilers, water heaters, modular systems, tanks and controls for hydronic heating applications.

Rooftop Pipe and Equipment Support Systems

Poly propylene Fans for Fume Hoods & Corrosive Applications

Stainless Steel Air Curtains, Heated & Non-Heated Units

Operating Room Systems, Laminar Flow Diffusers, Filtration and Ceiling Systems

Electric Heating Products

Energy Recovery Ventilation, Dedicated Outdoor Air Sytems

Fire, Fire/Smoke, & Control Dampers, Louvers, Air-flow Measuring Devices, Energy Recovery Units, Sun Shades, & Mechanical Screens

Architectural Vent Louvers and Specialty Architectural Air Distribution Products

VAV Diffusers, Zoning & Controls

Spiral Pipe & Fittings, Acoustical Panels

Laboratory, High Plume Exhaust Fans, Energy Recovery Systems

Centrifugal and Axial Jet Fans for Cark Park Garages and Tunnel Ventilation

Dual Path Fan Coil Units, Classroom Unit Ventilators, Classroom Heat Pumps

Terminal Units, Air Distribution Devices, Fan Coils, and Displacement Ventilation Products

Kitchen Emission (Smog-Hog), Dust & Mist Collectors, Smokeeters

Small Dehumidification Systems

Louvers, Dampers, Drop Plenum Diffusers, Air Control Products, Sun Shades and Mechanical Screens

Commercial/ Industrial Coils, Fan Coil Units & Air Handlers

Sound Attenuators, Acoustical Panels, and Sound Analysis Services