Titus DLSC – For Outside Air and Chilled Beam Applications

Maximize Compliance and Efficiency, Minimize Space

The Titus DLSC – Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) Series Flow Fan Powered Terminal Units featuring:

»  Controlled introduction of outside air into the zone
»  Sensible cooling coils from 2-8 rows
»  An extensive size range of models: (3) low height, (2) high flow, and (4) extended cooling models

Decreasing energy usage is driving building design in our industry. Outside air is the most energy intensive air to cool or heat in a building system. By carefully controlling and monitoring the amount of outside air delivered to each zone, the engineer can minimize the energy usage of the outside air and the HVAC system.

The DLSC, with its airflow sensor and control valve, allows demand control ventilation on a zone by zone basis, dynamically minimizing outside air while complying with ASHRAE Standard 62.1. This allows the engineer to minimize total equipment and system operating cost.

The most complete line of DOAS series flow fan powered terminals in the market is the DLSC. It utilizes a sensible cooling coil, combined with state-of-the-art ECM brushless DC motors, fans and digital controls to provide the most flexible, highest efficiency units available. How does the DLSC work? It’s really quite simple. The primary air inlet is sized to handle the zone ventilation requirements. Warm air from the ceiling plenum passes through the cooling coil and mixes with the fresh air of the primary inlet to supply the required amount of conditioned air to the space. These options allow the engineer to configure the units for almost any installation, especially in low height ceiling locations where building plenum space is limited.

Additional features include low profile design under 12” high on three sizes, high performance AeroCross™ pressure independent primary airflow control, and removable bottom access panel for easy maintenance. Optional discharge heating coils and induced air attenuators are also available as are an assortment of filters for higher Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).


Sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, A, B, C, and E / Lettered sizes are high induction capacity version of the standard numbered sizes
Induced air water coils: 1 through 8 row, single row heating optional
Discharge heating coils: Electric and water options
Outside air inlet: 4” to 14” round, 16” x 8” rectangular
Liners: EcoShield, fiberglass, SteriLoc foil faced fiberglass, Fibre Free

DLSC Brochure 2017 (.pdf)
DLSC Fan Powered 2017 (.pdf)
DLSC 2017 (.pdf)