PHP Leader in Equipment and Roof Support Systems

Texas Air Products

PHP Systems/Design is America’s leading source for roof pipe and equipment support systems. PHP designs, manufactures and delivers rooftop solutions for architects, engineers and building managers who understand what it means to “Build It Right.”

PHP is the most innovative supplier of sustainable roof pipe stands and equipment support products in the nation. From pipe stands and duct support systems to walkways and equipment supports; PHP delivers the most advanced solutions.

PHP invented the “Zero Penetrations” rooftop support system. Their engineers design each rooftop support product to meet the unique needs of your specific building environment without voiding your roof’s warranty. Products are backed by proven engineering that is designed to sustain even the harshest environmental conditions while ensuring the lasting integrity of your roof system.

Roof Solution Products

  • Pipe and Ductwork Supports
  • Cable Tray Supports
  • Equipment Supports
  • Walkways, Crossovers, Stairs & Ramps
  • Platforms
  • High-Wind and Seismic
  • Solar Panel Supports