Announcing the Opening of the Newly Owned Corpus Christi Office and Warehouse Facility.

Texas Air Products

Texas Air Products is pleased to announce the opening of the newly owned Corpus Christi office and warehouse facility.

The journey was a long but successful story that began in the Fall of 2018. After many months of feasibility studies, architectural and engineering design services, the actual construction started on the building in late 2019. In April 2020, we finalized the construction of both the office and the warehouse and moved our Corpus Christi team into the building. The team has successfully transitioned and the sales operations are up and running.

The warehouse is a great addition to Texas Air Products and will serve as an additional resource to our Gulf Coast and Rio Grande Valley customer base. It will stock similar warehouse products to also include aluminum air distribution devices. The warehouse is set to open operations on July 6, 2020.

Company Announcement – Corpus Christi Office