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Ruskin’s New ABD-SEA Auto Damper with Grille

The Ruskin Model ABD-SEA provides precise and automatic airflow regulation for supply and exhaust ventilation systems, with a static pressure between 0.2 and 2.0 inches w.c.

The ABD-SEA is factory supplied with a 6″, 24 gauge plenum/enclosure box and an aluminum supply or return grille.

The ABD-SEA is ideal for controlled air volume in high-rise building applications. This product conserves energy and eliminates stack effect.

  • Field adjustable, easy installation
  • Quick-Connect Adapter Ring
  • RuskipreneTM “T” seal
  • Anti-microbial, prevents mold and bacteria
  • Bi-directional design
  • Reduces energy cost
  • Mitigates stack effect

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